RAHM: The world’s first LGBTI leadership contest

We are pleased to announce Uhlala have partnered with Google to organise RAHM, the world’s first LGBTI contest. The one day contest is scheduled to take place on Friday 21st of July 2017 from 9am – 10pm at the Google headquarters in Berlin.  During the event, 100 handpicked LGBTI leadership talents will complete group based challenges to decide a winner through a crowd ranking process. The event includes extensive networking opportunities with top executives and leadership talks. Leadership candidates have until June 19th to apply for the RAHM contest, located at Unter den Linden 14, 10117 Berlin. www.rahm.ceo  

Why an LGBTI Leadership contest
There is a distinct lack of  LGBT role models in the workplace, so much so that 62% of generation Y LGBT graduates who were out at University went back into the closet when their started their first job. Through inspiring talks, challenges and a tangible leadership network to be launched on the 24th July, RAHM is designed to remedy this challenging professional environment for LGBTI people. RAHM’s mission is to become the platform where the collective voice and wisdom of the most inspiring and innovative LGBT leaders is heard.

Benefits of the Leadership Contest

  • Throughout the day, attendees will have the chance to expand their LGBTI leadership network. This opportunity is available long term with the launch of an online platform
  • Attendee’s will develop their leadership skills through dynamic and innovative workshops.
  • With a range of top-level professional backgrounds at the event, this event offers unique career opportunities.
  • There are number of additional benefits, including awards and prizes.

Application Process
The application process to attend RAHM is rigorous and designed in two stages. In stage 1, leadership candidates upload their CV through the RAHM website and disclose their personal motivation for applying. We are particularly  interested in achievements and experience of leadership.. In the second stage, we ask for a recommendation letter and we will conduct a video interview. Candidates who excel in both stages will be formally invited to the event. Promising candidates who do not make the preselected top 100 list will be invited to join the online network.

About Uhlala
Uhlala has been supporting, promoting and connecting LGBTI people in their careers since 2009. RAHM is the latest in a series of projects that are providing an open and inclusive professional platform for the LGBTI community.  Uhlala’s flagship program, Sticks and Stones is the largest LGBTI career event in Europe. A number of carefully selected companies who share in the cause of Uhlala will  partner RAHM, they include McKinsey, SAP and Panda.

For More Information, Please Contact
James Southwood
RAHM Project Manager

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