Sir Ivan And Debbie Gibson

“I am Peaceman”: Debbie Gibson Joins Sir Ivan In Anti-Violence Anthem

Sir Ivan Donates $10,000 to Gays Against Guns simultaneous to the song release.

Pop-dance recording artist Sir Ivan released his new single, “I Am Peaceman,” which delivers a strong anti-violence message, and one which he hopes speaks to those who want to inflict violence on the LGBT community.

The new electronic dance music single, which also features the pop & gay icon Debbie Gibson, hopes to help those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by gun violence, much of which affects the LGBT community.

SIR IVAN feat. Debbie Gibson “I Am Peaceman” Original Mix

Sir Ivan, who wears a cape with a peace sign on it, and who has fashioned himself into a modern-day superhero of sorts, is helping to change the world for the better, both through his music and through his philanthropy.

Guns and gun violence are a huge problem in this country. There are over 357,000,000 guns in this country – about the same number as the population. But LGBT people are overwhelmingly the victims of hate crimes.

After the terrible mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando last year, and the recent anti-gay explosion in the gay neighborhood in New York, Sir Ivan wanted to focus part of his message to raise awareness of the violence against the LGBT community. So part of the lyrics of the song include a call out to the LGBT community. The hook of the song includes the phrase “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet,” in reference to the Rainbow flag, and both he and Debbie Gibson encourage everyone to “turn your guns into a peace sign.”

SIR IVAN feat. Debbie Gibson “I Am Peaceman” (Riddler Radio Mix)

Sir Ivan has been a strong ally of the LGBT community for many years now, having given over a half a million dollars to LGBT causes, including over $250,000 to LGBT charities and $250,000 to create and promote an anti-bullying campaign, which included his anti-bullying anthem “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” and featured another gay icon Taylor Dayne.

Sir Ivan – Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye [feat. Taylor Dayne] (Paul Oakenfold Original Mix)

Now, he and his Foundation are donating an additional $10,000 to Gays Against Guns, a non-profit dedicated to breaking the gun industry’s chain of death and to ensuring the safety of all people, particularly vulnerable communities, such as people of color, religious minorities and the LGBT community. In addition, Sir Ivan and The Peaceman Foundation are donating net proceeds from video views, song streams and downloads of “I Am Peaceman” to The Peaceman Foundation, which in turn donates significant amounts to LGBT causes and to support those affected by violence.

Sir Ivan established The Peaceman Foundation in 2005 specifically to battle hatred, violence and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“As the son of a Jewish Holocaust survivor who has had 59 family members murdered, I’ve always been an activist for people who have been persecuted,” said Sir Ivan. “I was brought up with a heightened awareness of the harm that being perceived as different can cause. Through my music and influence, I want to demonstrate the importance of acceptance and understanding. Vulnerable communities, the LGBT community in particular, need to feel safe from gun violence and through my music and my philanthropy, I am working to help bring them this peace.”

“I Am Peaceman” was produced by AMA winner Ali Dee.

The music video was directed by Erik White, who also worked with Ryan Murphy on The Glee Project, and who produced Sir Ivan’s anti-bullying music video for his song “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye.”

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