Reach Out Marketing, LLC Announces the launch of GoGuideIowaCity.us

New website and mobile app to broaden scope and reach of GoGUiDE Magazine

Reach Out Marketing, LLC announced the coming launch of GoGuideIowaCity.us, enabling readers of GoGUiDE Magazine, as many as 5,000 on a bi-monthly basis, an enhanced media experience with this new website operating on a 24/7, 365 day basis.  

GoGUiDE Magazine is the “go every do everything guide” for the LGBTQ community of Iowa City and beyond. GoGUiDE remains the only print publication in Iowa dedicated to serving the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. 

“This is really exciting. Not only will GoGuideIowaCity.us enhance the magazine experience it will also allow us to continue to grow and expand our audience and enable us to engage more people in multiple settings” said Tim Nedoba, President at Reach Out Marketing, LLC. 

The Website Developer

“The Stevens Company is pleased to be the website development vendor for this project.  We feel the website will provide valuable information to not only the LGBTQ community but also to all that live in the corridor.” More information on The Stevens Company can be found at www.TheStevensCompany.com.  The Stevens Company is based in Dubuque, IA. 

Positive Impact for Advertisers

Many of our advertising partners have already benefited from GoGUiDE Magazine. Now there’s the added benefit GoGuideIowaCity.us and the new companion “Let’s Go” mobile app. The GoGUiDE advertiser will now have the enhanced ability to interact with the GoGUiDE reader at the convenience and at the location of the reader. 

GoGuideIowaCity.us Availability

GoGuideIowaCity.us is driven by customer feedback and is part of Reach Out Marketing, LLC’s commitment to deliver the best in LGBTQ media content that is essential and is not available anywhere else in Iowa. www.GoGuideIowaCity.us launches September 27. The site URL is www.GoGuideIowaCity.us .

Founded in 2016, GoGUiDE Magazine is the statewide leader in publishing LGBTQ targeted media. 


 Reach out Marketing, LLC (ROMLLC) publishes GoGUiDE Magazine and GoGuideIowaCity.us among other media products. ROMLC is a statewide leader in content marketing.

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