Giovannie Espiritu, series lead on Amazon’s Dyke Central, to speak on a filmmaker panel at ClexaCon 2018 in Las Vegas

Character actress and filmmaker Giovannie Espiritu will be speaking on a filmmaking panel at ClexaCon, the the largest multi-fandom media and entertainment event for LGBTQ women and their allies.

As an out bisexual herself, Espiritu first made waves in the LGBTQ community in “Fiona’s Script,” a feature film directed by Florencia Manovil about an introverted bisexual named Fiona. Espiritu was cast as the best friend to the lead, and her performance earned her a best supporting actress nomination at the MethodFest Film Festival in Calabasas alongside Academy Award nominees Amy Irving and Alfre Woodard.

Years later, director Florencia Manovil cast her as a gender-neutral, fiercely loyal lothario named, “Gin,” on the series, “Dyke Central,” a dramedy about a group of queer friends living in Oakland, specifically focusing on three women who share a house together that they fondly call, “DykeCentral.” Because of the diverse representation of queer life, including plot-lines that deal with mental health, substance abuse, consent and domestic violence, Dyke Central amassed an army of supporters through its film festival run. The series was just released in February 2018 on the Amazon / Amazon Prime networks. It has been named as a top lesbian series to watch by many LGBTQ publications including Curve Magazine, Bitch Magazine, BuzzFeed, AfterEllen, Fusion and was recently featured in Bust Magazine.

“I’m just excited that our stories are finally being told,” Espiritu says. “We’ve been regulated to the sidelines for so long and it’s refreshing to see strong, diverse characters as well as a welcome, safe space for queer women and our allies.”

Espiritu will also be attending the screening of her short, “Paranormal Huntresses,” a quirky comedy about three best friends who start a ghost hunting company with no prior experience. It stars Espiritu and her longtime friend, Ilea Matthews (Kiss Her I’m Famous), who wrote and directed the project. It will be screening during the webseries block of the ClexaCon Film Festival on April 6th.


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