ConBoy, Indie-Rock Band Spearheaded by Two Queer Women, Slated to Release Their 1st EP on June 22

ConBoy, the indie-rock band spearheaded by two queer women, is slated to release their first self-titled EP, ConBoy on June 22. ConBoy will be the debut of Skin’s guitarist, Daisy Spencer’s passion project with artistic partner and fiance, Cherie Bugtong. This will be singer and songwriter, Cherie’s premiere album and Daisy’s first solo project outside of the Brooklyn pop band, The Skins.

The catchy and even more clever name, ConBoy, is derived from both women being mistaken for boys.

ConBoy exudes all the messages of it’s namesake while holding those old school feelings of sentiment but with a new age twist. It sounds like the loud rock and roll of Cage the Elephant or Weezer, with the melodical intricacy of fellow artist and LGBTQ trailblazer, LP’s later work. The band’s diverse, multi-dimensional sound is reminiscent of British electro-pop duo, The Ting Tings, Tegan and Sara, and the overlooked indie-rock gem, Land of Talk. The band’s satisfyingly intricate yet accessible sound resonates with listeners of all ages, demographic or backgrounds.

Cherie Bugtong, said “ConBoy resonates with everyone, there’s something for everyone here. The track Say Goodbye is for anyone who has ever lost a loved one. The track I Don’t Get It resonates with anyone with an old school attitude trying to live in the new school, like ‘how can I deal with all this technology while remaining authentic to myself’. The track Black Hole makes me think of how ‘I don’t want to lose myself, I want to be someone’. It’s about trying to make sense in this crazy world, trying to express ourselves and live our dreams not just surviving the day to day but fulfilling our passions. All the songs on the EP stem from a very personal and relatable place. The duo are making music for themselves, “I want to feel something at a concert. I don’t want to listen to an overproduced sound, but really feel the vulnerability and truth. I want to tap my feet and move around.”

Each song in ConBoy offers up a different taste of the raw feelings and personal projections of Daisy and Cherie’s experiences. The EP is not trying to prove anything—a rarity in a  modern, politically charged culture. You can settle in and enjoy ConBoy for the way it unapologetically is. There is a naturally maintained fluidity that feels like ConBoy has been around since the 90’s, when in reality Cherie and Daisy are both millennials who endeavor to pay homage to the music that sculpted them into the artists they are today.

 ConBoy will be playing at the Canal Street Markets on May 11 and The Bowery Electric on June 27.





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