Comcast Flexes Its Integrated Marketing Muscles for San Franscisco Pride

After a successful San Francisco Pride in 2017, Comcast CA decided to come back to San Francisco Pride for 2018 with the ambitious plan of leveraging the different touch points that Comcast / Xfinity / NBC Universal had to offer.

2018 San Francisco Pride: Mamma Mia! Yes We Went Again!

As we did last year, we were really happy to be working with them as part of their diversity efforts, and before you knew it, we were strategizing on a series of podcasts, a store event and a perfectly fitting float for the event.

We just happened to know the best person to help us tackle this exciting project: Clexacon-famous Dana Piccoli.

We decided on doing four podcasts leading up to the live event at the Xfinity Store. Our first one dealing with Pride’s Past.

Pridecast Episode 1.

With our first podcast under our belt, we started hyping up the store event on Geary St.


Released Episode 2 of podcast series: Pride Newbies:

Episode 3: Small Town Pride

Reminded attendees to use our LYFT coupon (in case people forgot to use it on their way to our event.)

We ended up having such a wonderful time working with the Comcast California team and both Dana and Tay in making SF Pride such an incredibly inspiring weekend! Check out this LIVE in-store recording of Dana’s #Pridecast episode in the video below, where she interviews Tay Barrett and our friend at Comcast Adriana Arvizo. In addition, check out Comcast California’s presence at the festivities on Sunday, where they brought the Mamma Mia- themed float to the #SFPride parade, to every parade watcher’s delight!


This a a great example on being authentic for Pride month. We look forward to doing something as spectacular for Pride 2019!

OUT at Comcast is an LGBTQ employee resource group at Comcast locations coast to coast. California launched its chapter on June 22 2017, and with the addition of this new California chapter, the OUT at Comcast employee resource group has grown to approximately 4,500 members across more than 20 chapters nationwide. You can follow Out@Comcast on twitter at: https://twitter.com/OUTComcast

We also want to remind you that on X1, it’s Pride ALL year: https://www.xfinity.com/lgbtq

For more information, check out www.facebook.com/OutComcast and www.twitter.com/ComcastCA



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