The Perfect Hi-Tech Gift for that LGBTQ Someone this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, our team has been scouring the Internet for some cool and practical gift ideas for 2018.  We recently stumbled upon what is both one of the more practical gifts, with an edge of style and coolness thrown in as well.

Who doesn’t love a wireless speaker? With our music streaming from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and Sirius XM nowadays, we all need a convenient way to play it wherever we may be. What about a wireless speaker that doubles as a hi-tech hidden security camera as well? We’ve been testing out this little gem and it really is an incredible two products in one… a high-quality wireless speaker and an incognito HD security camera that can scan a wide field of view and serve the live video and sound feed right to your mobile device! https://www.spysite.com/products/stereo-speakers-wireless-hidden-camera


We’ve also been testing out a companion product, a desktop rotating LED lamp, also sporting a hidden, high-definition security camera capable of scanning a full 330-degree field of view. The lamp can play a multitude of colors as well, making it even less conspicuous as a camera to keep an eye on your place while throwing a party!

Both products come highly recommended! For starters, you can remotely watch these hidden cameras from anywhere using your smart phone or tablet. No computer knowledge or networking experience is required for setup. Ever want to see what your pet is doing or talk to your pet while you are at work? The applications these high tech gifts will satisfy are vast.

Now you can see that when it comes to deciding on that perfect and unique gift to give this holiday season, these two items jumped out to the top of our list!

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