Check Out the Latest in Easy-To-Use Hidden Camera Technology

Have you ever wanted to “capture the moment”, yet do it incognito?  We’ve tested out Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles over the past few years, but when you’re recording hot guys being themselves on a gay cruise, or perhaps some hot outdoor action that you want to record just for yourself, everyone knows it once those glasses light up.

But not with this baseball cap!

Another scenario… sometimes trying to take a photo of your secret crush, in the middle of the night, hallway hidden behind a tree can look a bit shady!

When all you need is this killer SpySite hat! Use the remote to take photos and videos, and no one has to know!

Use the remote in your hand to snap pictures of video and voila!

Learn more about this and other hidden camera devices at:

You’ll find a lot of great holiday gift ideas at SpySite.com as well!

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