Alice Derock – Women Empowerment with Strength, Beauty and Spirit

The story of Alice Derock makes for a great women empowerment narrative – a story that captures the strength, beauty and spirit of our gifted LGBTQ+ individuals who give our community its heart.

What makes Derock’s journey interesting is not only her incredible rise to success in a male dominated industry but also how, with Wet For Her (WFH),  she is breaking the stigma and taboo on sex toys, and boosting women empowerment and self-esteem.

There are very few toys out there that are actually made by a woman, for women.  But Derock is challenging the status quo by putting queer females and women’s needs first. As times are changing, so are our cultural attitudes.

The French designer is breaking the sex toy stigma and changing the dialogue around it to shatter the taboos and shed light on its empowering virtues for women. Derock is focusing the conversation on selling wellness rather than pseudoscience, and on empowerment as opposed to sexualization.

Making sex toys more palatable to the masses has helped drive growth within the industry, which is more of a woman’s world than ever.  And in this new sex toy economy  it’s clear that women are enjoying a new kind of power.

As one of the primary novelty sex-toy brands for the worldwide lesbian community, what makes WFH stand out is that it breaks the stereotypes about sex-toys by yes, focusing on lesbian love making rather than hard-core porn; and beyond the queer arena, it most importantly addresses some of the most proliferated misconceptions about the functionality of sex toys for women in general. 

The sex toy industry has always been a lucrative business.Yet there is such a lack of variety and understanding, specifically for women-oriented products. Sadly, a handful of companies are capitalizing on lesbian sexuality selling irrelevant products, without necessarily contributing anything to the lesbian community and women because they don’t understand how women function. 

Answering the simple question “why, in this day and age, with all the products in the world, wasn’t there a sex toy designed specifically by and for lesbians?” the Parisian native along with two other friends then decided to create WET FOR HER.

The entrepreneur’s foray into the lesbian sex toy arena was both benevolent, because other lesbians would gain from it, but was also self interested, in that her product line would fill a gap in her own sex-life. 

Alice Derock, under her Wet For Her marquee, fills in that void with high-end products that are not only uniquely creative with a useful, elegant and chic French sense of style as well as a feminine edge, but also are 100 % silicone and phthalate free. 

A hugely popular brand that does not just act as a simple retailer but does it all – from the designs, the fabrication and manufacturing to the distribution. Giving back to its own community, WFH is also unique in that it is committed to working only with lesbian manufacturers (Spareparts, RodeoH, BSisNice, RainbowLube). 

Wet For Her has positioned itself as the ultimate authority in the field – a female-owned brand that not only speaks to the lesbian/female market but also has successfully come to epitomize and represent female sexuality in an elegant and classy way with tools of love from the land of love: France … ooh la la!

Derock’s main contribution to the female community remains a line of products designed specifically for women sexual enjoyment, which has been lacking for years. Having a woman behind the creation of sex products means the product is definitely more relatable to other women.

She’s now readying to launch her brand new toy dubbed “RockHer” this month for Valentine’s Day and is donating a portion of the proceeds to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbqMoJags58

Her rise to success in a male dominated industry is not just admirable but as well inspiring.

She is a one-of-a-kind female entrepreneur who continues to make a meaningful difference for queer women and women alike.

For more info go to: www.wetforher.com

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