Pink Budapest: The new LGBTQ image video of the city has arrived Same-sex couples in the focus

Launched by the Humen Travel Tourism Association, the Pink Budapest Project has released its second LGBTQ image video with the purpose of increasing Budapest’s popularity among gay tourists all around the world. While in 2018 they were primarily addressing singles, this year their goal is to reach more couples. It is important for the more than twenty members of the association to provide visitors with amazing experiences to maintain a stellar reputation and attract even more travelers. That is why an annual image film is needed, which seeks to increase interest in the city by appearing on various platforms intended for the target group. Based on last year’s campaign, audience reach could be measured in hundreds of thousands.

An active representative of LGBTQ marketing and tourism for several years, Humen Media Hungary launched the Pink Budapest LGBTQ tourism project last year, in cooperation with twelve tourism companies in Budapest. The association then set the aim of promoting Budapest as an LGBTQ-friendly destination for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) travelers as well as highlighting service providers who welcome members of the community.

The membership of the Association has doubled since then. This also shows that it is important for businesses in the tourism industry in Budapest to reach out to target groups that represent quality travelers and are grateful for any positive gestures towards them; in this case, that these businesses make up today’s LGBTQ-friendly offers in Budapest.

LGBTQ travelers are known to travel more than twice the average as well as spend more on their trips, preferring LGBTQ-friendly hotels, restaurants and tourist services. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Budapest, through the Humen Travel Tourism Association, should grab a slice of this segment of tourism that produces more than $ 1,000 billion annually.

While last year’s Pink Budapest image video featured three boys from three different continents, this year’s film features couples, showing that Budapest is looking forward to welcoming same-sex couples.

It is not a coincidence that the main character was of Asian origin in both image videos, as the Humen Travel Tourism Association’s unconcealed aim for the upcoming year is to communicate more towards the Asian LGBTQ tourism market, which has not yet been targeted by other European cities and has enormous potential.

Pink Budapest will launch a new version of its website at the end of October, offering more features, an interactive map and soon a mobile app for LGBTQ travelers coming to Budapest.


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