Filmmaker Scott J. Ramsey’s Erotic Queer Thriller “X” Gets San Francisco Premiere

Filmmaker Scott J. Ramsey has a lot to be happy about these days. His directorial debut “X” is receiving its San Francisco premiere at Another Hole In the Head Film Fest on December 3rd, 2019.

The 16th annual Another Hole In The Head film festival will run December 1 through the 15th.

Defying convention, the Fest brings the most outrageous films from both emerging and established filmmakers. 15 days of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and more.

“X” is the story of Christian King, a wealthy young woman who hosts charity events at her beachside estate that double as masked sex parties. These lavish balls are known for being a safe space for the guests to express their every desire – in Christian’s house, no fantasy is too obscene. However, the appearance of an uninvited guest from her past threatens to bring to light Christian’s darkest secret.

Made with a budget of $150,000, X was directed by a queer man, written by a queer woman and a queer man, photographed by a queer woman, and features queer women in both of the lead roles. And If being queer is not the central focus of the story, X does have a queer sensibility with its characters embodying various queer sexual identities. Meanwhile, over half of the crew roles were filled by women and queer people, and this was the first feature for almost everyone involved.

The erotic queer thriller is the story of a female sexual predator whose shame is her Shakespearean downfall – a fresh and brazen take on an age old tale.

Exuding a razor sharp edge and a rough-around-the-edges indie sensibility, the erotic thriller offers a refreshing queer/feminist spin on the tragedy of the Hitchcockian voyeur.

The semiotics of the letter ‘X’ is fascinating because as a symbol, it’s so loaded and yet also so vague. It could stand for anything – it’s a complete mystery, the missing part of an equation. But it also immediately evokes something forbidden or taboo.

“As the famous saying goes: Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” says Ramsey. 

San Francisco native, Scott J. Ramsey is the director, co-writer, and editor of “X”, the first feature length movie presented by The Foundation, which he wrote with frequent collaborator and “X” producer Hannah Katherine Jost. 

Presented by The Foundation, “X” is a multimedia project encompassing a feature length movie, music videos, and more.

X has been successfully traveling the film festival circuit and earned a slew of awards including “Best First Time Filmmaker” at the 2019 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 

 For more information go to: everybodylovesX.com 

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