CBD Start-up Out & About Extends Popular Rainbow Mask Offer in Time for Pride

Test of Free Mask Offer With CBD Purchase Generates Over 11,000 Inquiries in Single Day

According to NY Times columnist Frank Bruni in the new Covid-19 world, masks have become both basic necessities of civic responsibility and “tribal totems” and expressions of who we are.  What better way then with June just around the corner to express our Pride with a special Rainbow mask while also enjoying the anxiety reducing, anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD.

Out & About CBD (www.outandaboutcbd.com) is a new start-up expressly aimed at enhancing wellness in the LGBT community via adoption of plant-based, non-psychoactive CBD.  It’s a critical mission given the current environment, and because the LGBT community endures high levels of anxiety and stress at up to 2.5x the levels of the general population. To help build awareness for its product line, the company did a one day, test promotion with a leading LGBT media partner for a free rainbow mask (retail value $19.95) with purchase of CBD.  Out & About received over 11,000 visits to its website which, for a new start-up is significant.

Given the popularity of the masks the company is extending the Free Rainbow Mask Promotion with a minimum CBD purchase of $25 through the month of June while supplies last. The custom-made, high quality, reversible masks are handmade in California with double-sided breathable cotton and elastic ear-bands. Issue experts, including Jeremy Howard of the University of San Francisco have stated that while NH-95 respirator masks are the gold standard they need to be custom fitted and aren’t well suited for civilian use. In addition to reducing the likelihood of the mask wearer contracting a virus, the bigger benefit of wearing a mask is in lowering the risk of transmitting the virus to others in the vicinity.

According to Out & About CBD co-founder Wayne Carkeek: “We are excited to offer a CBD product that can help address anxiety along with a promotional item that can help protect the public and also doubles as a visual expression of our core identity as members of the LGBT community”. As with all other Out & About CBD company sales, 5% of promotion proceeds will be donated to LGBT non-profits, such as The Trevor Project.

CBD is predicted to grow to be a $20 billion dollar category by the year 2022 (i.e. Brightfield Group), and has enjoyed stamps of approval and legality from both The World Health Organization, which declared hemp-based CBD to be “a safe product with health benefits” and the US Government, which classified CBD as a legal product in the 2018 Farm Bill.  Hemp-based CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, comes from the same cannabis family as marijuana though hemp CBD extracts contain less than 0.3% of THC, which is the addictive element in marijuana that gets one “high”.  Out & About CBD’s hemp-based CBD products contain zero THC and are US farmed, and third party tested.

CBD can have a positive impact on our physiological functions by interacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is crucial for balancing a healthy stress response, mood and sleep/wake cycles.  Growth in the industry has been grass roots driven with reported efficacy levels over 80% according to CBD user surveys; indeed about half of people who use CBD, use it daily (i.e. HelloMD survey).

The Out & About CBD product line-up includes several traditional CBD products including both 10mg and 25mg gummies, an energy and sports recovery drink mix (which is a convenient option to CBD water), a CBD personal lube, CBD massage oil with lavender and even a CBD dog chew especially for small dogs, 25 pounds and less. Out & About CBD sells direct via its own, ecommerce site which is being aggressively promoted to an LGBT marketplace via LGBT influencers, programmatic advertising and on social media. The company also intends to sell to a variety of retailers in leading gay neighborhoods as well as wellness outlets across the US.

About Out & About CBD
Out & About CBD’s mission is to be the CBD market leader for the LGBT community. The company’s tagline is “Love Every Day”, which aligns with the intent to bring the mind-body balance benefits of hemp CBD to members of the LGBT community.  For more information visit www.outandaboutcbd.com or contact Ralph Fascitelli at ralph@outandaboutcbd.com. LGBT non-profits who would like a presentation on the benefits of CBD and community retailers should contact Out & About CBD’s Co-founder Wayne Carkeek at waynec@outandaboutcbd.com.

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