The Carnival Des Couleurs of Montreal

From October 7 to 9, will be held the second annual edition of the Carnaval des Couleurs, a great event that brings together the multi-ethnic and LGBTQ communities of Montreal, at the Grande-Place of the Complexe Desjardins with free access to everyone!

In the spirit of the Black & Blue Festival, the BBCM Foundation presents the second annual edition of the Carnaval des Couleurs to further discover and celebrate the multiple aspects the multi-ethnic and LGBTQ communities. We aspire to understand and accept each other. This major event features some renowned Quebec-based artists, and will include dance performances, musical performances, as well as a conference with workshops. The Carnaval des Couleurs is, above all, an amazing experience open to all with free activities to promote exchanges between multicultural communities and the LGBTQ community. By promoting the democratic values of respect and social coexistence, we want to raise the awareness of various groups to their respective or common issues, to fight against racism and homophobia in several forms.

Inclusive and authentic, this is the motto of this event. For three days and evenings there will be an amazing artistic vibe given by public entertainers, singers, dancers and many others. Many talents are expected and we will offer a beautiful mosaic of Montreal’s cultural diversity.

Under the artistic direction of Yanick Daigle, there will be two stages on the Grande-Place of the complexe Desjardins. Also, for this 2nd edition of the Carnaval des Couleurs, we are pleased to have Normand Brathwaite and
Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite as Ambassadors of honour. Last but not least, public entertainers of the Carnaval will also be present from October 10 to 13 at the doors of various events of the Black & Blue Festival in the gay Village.

The line-up of the Carnaval des Couleurs reflects the health of Montreal’s LGBTQ and multicultural arts scene. Our city is current, full of character and talented.

The official launch of the Carnaval des Couleurs will be presented by Élizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite and Normand Brathwaite on Monday, October 7 in the early evening. We are also honoured to announce that Marie-Josée Lord, the renowned opera singer of Haitian descent, will be with us that same evening. This will be followed by a performance by Cirque Kalabanté inspired by the migration of African minorities to Canada to create an amazing live acrobatic show. Earlier during the day, the program will be devoted to Cuban dance and we will welcome a young and talented LGBTQ dancer of Asian origin, Narcissé.

After getting off to a good start, there is an eclectic line-up on Tuesday, October 8. The program will be started amongst other things by the colors and sounds of Latin America. A real cultural journey! There will also be a concert hosted by artist Kizaba and his Congolese group, as well as artists Marc-André Valade and Yannie from the LGBTQ community. In the early evening, the renowned Québec singer Maxime Landry, now openly gay, will close the second evening.

For this last day, on Wednesday, October 9, the line-up will be dedicated to family with an original Disneystyle performance with princesses and drag queens. It is a colourful show that will impress more that one!

In the evening, there will be performances by renowned Québec singer Johanne Blouin and the drag queen Michel Dorion will perform « Dorion sings Dion ». A Brazilian group of dancers will close the show. This goal of the Carnaval is also to help communities long repressed. That’s why there will be a free conference open to all in the mornings of October 8 and October 9 from 10am to noon, on the main stage. The complex of themes of homophobia, xenophobia and racism, will be presented by experts with the goal of interacting with the public. There will be a period of questions and answers: exchanges to promote tolerance and sharing. In addition, there will be a ‘Community Zone’ for LGBTQ and multi-ethnic groups to be able to present their missions and services. Finally in this festive environment, a lounge area with a bar service will be available to all participants of 18 years and older.

The artistic direction of the Carnaval des Couleurs is handled by Yanick Daigle who is also responsible for the artistic component of the Black & Blue main event at the Olympia Theatre on Sunday, October 13. From October 10 to 13 of October, public entertainers and street performers of the Carnaval des Couleurs will also be present in front of venue doors where other Black & Blue activities are being held. This year, the theme of Black & Blue is MASK, and as Robert J. Vézina, president of the BBCM Foundation, puts it, ‘the two events fit really well together’.

We must remember that the BBCM Foundation has for 29 years been helping organizations providing direct assistance to people living with HIV / AIDS in Montreal. In addition, the BBCM Foundation also supports several community groups in various fields. The organization generates major socio-economic and tourist benefits for Montreal and Quebec through annual social-cultural and tourism events.

To summarize, the Carnaval des Couleurs is a not-to-be-missed rendez-vous for music, dance and entertainment fans. It is a multicultural gathering where everyone will feel welcomed around strong values of tolerance and acceptance. More than 30,000 people walk daily through complexe Desjardins, so it’s a great environment to feature a major original, inclusive, and diversified artistic happening.

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