Honeymoon in Budapest welcomes first LGBTQ honeymooners

“Budapest is a welcoming city where we felt at peace”

The new Honeymoon in Budapest program, launched by the Humen Travel Tourism Association for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) tourist destination marketing, aims to better position Budapest for LGBTQ tourists by focusing on honeymooners. The Leongs, Shinchi and Guzifer, invited by the Humen Travel Tourism Association, were the first to spend a magical week in the Hungarian capital recently.

The Humen Travel Tourism Association has just launched a new program called Honeymoon in Budapest, which focuses on LGBTQ tourism. The project is unique in Hungary and aims to make Budapest an attractive destination for LGBTQ honeymooners by presenting the diverse opportunities offered by the capital. The Leongs, Shinchi and Guzifer were the first to visit our country.

Taiwan is the first country that legalized same-sex marriage on May 17, 2019. Shinchi and Guzifer were the first couple to register for marriage and the first international couple to apply for it. Following their wedding, they were able to visit Budapest as a result of a collaboration between Gagatai, a Taiwanese LGBTQ medium and the Humen Travel Tourism Association, which aims to improve LGBTQ tourism in Budapest. Although as a gay couple they feared that they would not be sufficiently safe in our country, their views changed very soon.

The couple discovered a new and exciting side of Budapest every day: they took long walks around Váci Street, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Heroes’ Square, the Parliament, the Matthias Church, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Mary Magdalene Tower and the City Park. Of course, they were not always on foot: they arrived stylishly with a Trabant in the Memento Park, admired the night-time view of the city with Budapest TukTuk, and marveled at the panorama from the RiverRide floating bus on the Danube. One of their most beautiful experiences was when all the guests started applauding and congratulating them at the Baltazár restaurant in the Buda Castle Distirct after finding out that they were honeymooning in the Hungarian capital.

But the couple also immersed themselves in the world-famous thermal bath culture in Budapest. They were fascinated by the busy life at the Gellért Baths, as well as the diverse use of thermal water. The order and cleanliness in the Fővám Square Market Hall were most surprising to them, as it did not remind them of the markets in their home country at all.

They will certainly not forget Hungarian gastronomy any time soon. They had the chance to try the best of Hungarian cuisine at the excellent partners of Pink Budapest: Kiosk Budapest, Antré, Baltazár, the Michelin-star Costes Downtown, Spíler, Beefbar, as well as Khan and Sáó, offering Asian cuisine, have all dazzled them. They also visited the Chocolate Museum and school of the famous Hungarian confectionery brand, Szamos Chocolate, where they were greeted with a surprise activity: they learned how to make ischler, thus getting to know one of the most beloved Hungarian sweets.

Of course, they had some time to enjoy the nightlife, too. They participated in a karaoke party at the Why Not Bar, while Alterego Club offered an amazing dance party. The drag queen show enchanted them, thanks to the Hungarian queens. They also enjoyed an unforgettable experience at the world-renowned SPArty, which takes place in the historic Széchenyi Spa, famous for its thermal water.

Shinchi and Guzifer ended their trip to Budapest with a visit to the Szimpla Market, where they tasted home-made goods and local products. They were fascinated by the city and would definitely want to return, especially because, contrary to their previous fears, they felt safe here as a married gay couple. “I could hold my husband’s hand any time and feel that locals have no problem with seeing LGBTQ people out in the open. We saw so many gay and lesbian couples on the streets and felt that not only did people accept these couples, but they were treated equally. Budapest is a welcoming city where we felt at peace”, said Guzifer.

Tourism professionals in many major cities around Europe and the world have recognized that, like any other target group, LGBTQ people can be reached with a specialized marketing communication strategy. To this end, the Humen Travel Tourism Association was launched in 2018 with the cooperation of more than ten renowned Hungarian tourism companies. The cooperation was initiated by Humen Media Hungary, the country’s largest LGBTQ publishing, event management and tourism company. The purpose of the association is to design and execute unique city image campaigns to make Budapest attractive to LGBTQ people worldwide. Today, the Humen Travel Tourism Association has 25 members, including the Hard Rock Hotel, Szamos Marzipan and the Zsidai Gastronomy and Hotel Group. Last year, the association created its LGBTQ-friendly tourism brand, Pink Budapest, which has a number of products, including an international publication, the sixty-page Pink Budapest Guide, which is published in 11 countries twice a year. The association also produced Budapest’s first gay image film, which premiered last year. Their latest project, Honeymoon in Budapest, was launched to prove that Budapest is a gay-friendly destination that offers unforgettable experiences for newlyweds, too.

Website: www.PinkBudapest.com

Honeymoon in Budapest video:

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